Del Rio, Texas 2017


Jet Lag & a Camera Bag...

that about sums it up.  I travel, I shoot, I document and I share.  I'm originally from Texas and am currently residing in Singapore.  I like to travel and capture what I see and experience along the way in my travels.  I primarily shoot film and process it myself, but digital does get thrown in the mix as well.  When I travel I see a lot and I shoot a lot, which is why you see a little bit of everything here.  I try my best to capture the 'every-day' lives of various people and events wherever I am.

So why the hell do I still shoot film?  It is a pain to deal with, at times unforgiving and not convenient what so ever in this day and age of displaying and presenting images online.  I'm not sure exactly why I love film either, you can call me hard-headed, old school, nostalgic, antiquated, they all apply.  I appreciate how film captures an image and how difficult it is to get a really 'good shot' with film.  When you look at the classic works of past Photography Masters you really get an appreciation for the talent and the hard work involved to get such wonderful shots, that are taken for granted when shooting with digital. Digital photography attempts to mimic the look of film at times to achieve that classic look, why fake it when you can shoot the real McCoy?


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